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giving back to our community

Comfort Cases

Julie and Anne are proud supporters of this organization that provides comfort and support to foster children. Comfort Cases fills a new duffle bag or back pack with the essentials for the first few days in a new place as well as comfort items to help ease the transition as kids enter the foster care system. Click HERE to learn more about Comfort Cases.

Lafayette Elementary School Annual Fall Festival

Julie Roberts Real Estate Team was a proud supporter of Lafayette's The Wonder of Fall event held on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

We sponsored a pumpkin weight-guessing contest and had a four-way tie. The pumpkin weighed 42.17 pounds, and we had 4 excellent guessers who came in at 42 pounds! Their Broad Branch Market gift cards have been delivered!


The candy corn-guessing contest also caused quite a bit of pandemonium, stumping all of the grown-ups!  A 7-year-old made the smart guess of 600 candy corn in the jar and the actual amount was 597!! He was the winner of a giant panda.


Thank you all for those who participated, especially the many house painters that decorated our cardboard house. It's definitely ready to go on the market now.

We hope you had fun -- we did!

For more information about Lafayette Elementary School, please click HERE.

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